1)Education Management

Supervision of Primary, Secondary, registered independent colleges and infant schools.

2)Coordination of District Activities.

These include workshops, staff development, Public Examinations, Sporting, arts and cultural activities.

3)Registration facilitation.

This includes registration of independent colleges and private infant schools with the ministry of Education.

4)Adherence to curriculum and Instruction policies.

Ensuring compliance with the ministry policies and regulations.


Promoting Scientific Inquiry and Inquiry and Innovation .

6)Inclusive Education.

Access to quality education.

7)Human Resources Management.

Human capital management of the district,enrollment statistics.

8)School Feeding Programme.

Implementation and management of school feeding programme.

9)Enterpreneurship  & sustainability.

Promoting income generating projects in schools.

Overall District Functions

The overall functions of the District are to:

  • Provide and promote quality, inclusive, holistic, Infant, Junior, Secondary and Non Formal Education
  • Strengthen strategic planning, research, implementation, monitoring and review of policies and programmes for the development of Primary and Secondary Education
  • Implement the new curriculum to equip learners with life skill competencies
  • Mainstream Sport, Arts and Culture in school
  • Oversee the administration of public examinations (Grade 7, ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels)
  • Provide and facilitate the acquisition of optimal equipment for teaching and learning at
    various levels
  • Capacity develop staff in the District
  • Monitor the acquisition of financial resources
  • Promote income generating projects
  • Promote good governance and best practices