About Us


Mbare / Hatfield District office of the Harare Metropolitan Province was established in 2004. The district is located in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe in the Central Business District (CBD) at Girl’s High School along Takawira Street opposite Harare Gardens. The offices relocated from Chester House to settle at that school while efforts are being made to construct its own resource centre. Prominent five--star hotels such as Monomotapa Crown Plaza, Meikles, Rainbow Towers, Jameson, Holiday Inn, Bronte and Cresta Lodge are in Mbare-Hatfield District. The implication of this rich diversity of resources implies that the District Office is clearly presented with opportunities that it should tap to its advantage in terms of advancing educational programmes and projects. Mbare-Hatfield District is well networked in terms of road and communication networks.

Schools Of Jurisdiction

The Formal and Non-Formal institutions under its jurisdiction are situated in Mbare, Hatfield, Eastley, Masasa Park, Sunningdale, Waterfalls, Houghton Park, Braeside and Cranborne, Mainway Meadows and the Central Business District (CBD). The furthest schools are situated 12 kilometres from the District Office. The district is the hub of Independent Colleges in Harare Province if not in the country by virtue of its location. Since the District is situated in the CBD among other surrounding areas it is privileged to have a hub of commercial and industrial activities. There is a larger component of informal economic activities such as at Mupedzanhamo, Mbare Musika and Siyaso. Most of the Business owners and workers, however, do not reside in Mbare. The residents particularly in Mbare benefit from buying and selling thereby assisting in the Education of their children. The District can also benefit from stakeholder support. Of the thirty-one (31) schools in the district, fifteen (15) of them are situated in the high density areas of Mbare and Sunningdale while others are in low and middle density suburbs.

What We Stand For

To promote and facilitate the provision of high quality, inclusive and relevant early childhood development, primary and secondary education, special needs education, lifelong and continuing education, sport, arts and culture.
To be the leading provider of united and well educated Zimbabweans with unhu/Ubuntu.
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Good Governance
  • Unhu/Ubuntu
  • Patriotism